What Will I Save?

Customers are often surprised when we tell them the monthly savings and financial impact that solar energy provides. Not only can you save 40% or more on your yearly energy bills, you’ll experience the fantastic savings benefits from day one. With wonderful financing options and a vast array of product selection, Aurora Energy seeks to achieve the very best sustainable energy options for your home of business.

Example of Monthly Electric Bills

Utility Company                             Aurora Energy Solar Solution Projection

$350                                                  $210

$500                                                  $300

$750                                                  $450

$1,250                                               $750

$3,000                                               $1,800

For a homeowner with a $500 monthly electric bill, sustainable solar energy from Aurora Energy can save $140 or more per month. Over the next 25 years, that is an $87,000 savings in electricity alone at today’s rates. As rates climb in the future, solar savings will be an advantage that every homeowner dreams about.

For a business with a $3,000 electrical bill per month, a solar solution from Aurora Energy could save $1,200 monthly! Over a period of 25 years you’ll experience a $360,000 savings at today’s rate. With continually rising rates, your financial savings could be exponentially more.

Don’t let rising rates continue to impact your bottom line. Invest in sustainable energy that continually pays you back. Contact Aurora Energy today to find out the exciting projected savings for your home or business.

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How to Finance Solar Panels
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