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The goal of any solar installation is to reduce the amount of electricity that you purchase from your utility company. We are a locally owned and family run company in Northern California working with locals in our greater Gold Country region in the Sierra Foothills. We would love to work with you on your residential, agricultural or commercial project to provide a customized, thoughtful solution incorporating the “whole picture” approach we take to creating solar proposals and designs for our customers. 

Here are some helpful basics that people often don’t realize about solar. 

  • California has mandated that any new construction MUST have solar power
  • Since 2009 PG&E’s residential rates have risen 31%  — higher than the consumer price index of 19%. LEARN MORE
  • PG&E has already received approved increases of 12.4% for 2020, and has 2 more additional increases under request! 
  • The Federal Tax Credit for 2020 is 26% – that gives you a few more months to take advantage of FREE MONEY from the Government – LEARN MORE
  • In 2021, the Credit will be reduced to 22%
  • In 2022 The tax credit will no longer be available for homeowners – only for commercial business owners and installations
  • Commercial Businesses can save up to 50% on their solar installations on their business locations! Cash jobs are the easiest to get done but we can connect you to some sources for commercial financing for the right sized solar installations. Please contact us for a quote.
  • You can take the Federal Tax Credit for OTHER solar installation related expenses such as a new roof, an updated HVAC system, on your home because all of these things make your solar energy work more efficiently on your home. If you were to get a 26% rebate on all three of these projects – the savings could be huge!
  • Adding solar to your home is the most beneficial thing you can do for increasing the value BUT adding solar does NOT increase your tax basis, so your property taxes will not increase though the value of your home has increased.
  • When you choose to add solar to your home – you are not adding another  bill – you are REPLACING your PG&E bill with your solar payment – which is typically 25%-40% LESS monthly than your utility bill was. Sometimes, the reduction is even more drastic.
  • You can exponentially reduce the cost of energy you are using on your Pool and hot tub (and other outlying farm, industry power needs) by switching to a solar array on your home or doing a ground or shop mount display on your property.
  • If we cannot save our customers at least 25% on their monthly bill – we won’t encourage them to purchase a system for their home, but will instead show them the option of a Power Purchase Agreement, which allows them to purchase power at a lower rate (average of .19cents per kwh) and only increases a minimal amount annually.
  • All you have to do to get started is schedule a call and provide us with a copy of your power bill so we can provide you an estimate for your needs.

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