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About Aurora Energy

If you’ve been researching solar you know there are many companies that offer solar solutions for your home or business.  But the reality of most of those companies is that they’re beholden to one installer, one lender and one price solution.  

Aurora Energy was founded by Ali & Scott Reynolds with the goal of providing our customers with the best value, the best people and the best warranty in the business.  We work with multiple installation teams and lenders giving us the ability to find you the absolute best value regardless of your situation.

This enables us to offer more than run-of-the-mill solar panels for your home.  We can custom design a system including a battery wall, American panels, roof mount or ground mount and more.  Whatever your unique needs, we can fill them and we promise to do so with integrity.


The goal of any solar installation on your home is to reduce the amount of electricity that you purchase from your utility to zero.  A common misconception is that you’ll never have a power bill again which isn’t completely accurate.  In months where you are generating more electricity than you use, your meter literally runs backwards.  In that month you’ll see a credit on your utility bill based on how much electricity you “over generated”.  Then, in months where you use more electricity than your solar panels generate, you’ll see that credit get used up.  Over the course of a year, these credits and charges even out, so you end up not paying for electricity over the course of a full year.

Our team of Solar Consultants will design a system for you to reach this goal, also known as a “net zero” installation.  The entire process of system design and providing you with a quote and monthly costs takes about an hour and is typically done at your home (we need to see your home to properly quote the project).  You can click below to setup your first phone call and follow up appointment with one of our consultants and let us show you how you’ll save money every month, forever.

Paying For Solar

Loans are by far the most common method of paying for a new solar system on your home.  Once we’ve designed your system and determined how many solar panels you’ll need, your solar consultant will  show you various loan options.  In almost all cases, the monthly payment will be less than what you’re paying for electricity now and will stay the same even though electric rates will go up in the future.

If we determine that a loan is not the best product for you we can also setup a lease for your new system.  Leases usually have lower monthly payments than a loan but come with a few restrictions that your solar consultant can tell you about.

Using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a popular method of setting up a new solar system on your home.  Basically, we will install your solar system and then you will purchase power back from us for a much lower cost than you’re paying your utility now.  You’ll save money every month and we can usually set these up for customers with less-than-ideal credit.  Your solar consultant can tell you more.

Cash is always king and that holds true with a new solar installation as well.  If you have the cash or a home equity line, we can accept payment for the entire system up front.  This gives you the benefit of having no electric bill right out of the gate and you’ll see an immediate increase in value to your home.

Inquiry Does NOT Affect Your Credit

100% Personal Loans

Every $10k as low as $89/month

Fixed Rates as Low as 2.99%

Terms up to 20 Years

Fund ANY Project within 48 hours

Loans up to $250,000

Let's Lower Your Monthly Bill

It’s a bold claim, for sure.  But in 9 years of helping customers find a better solution for their electricity, we’ve only come across three people who we couldn’t help.  Solar prices have been dropping for years and they’re at a point now where it really will cost you less ever month when you install a new solar system on your home.

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