Aurora Values

The Aurora Energy Mission

Aurora Energy’s mission is to thoughtfully assist Northern California business owners and families with energy solutions that facilitate long-term financial flexibility, savings and energy independence.

We have carefully and conscientiously created our list of values below – which drive our our company culture, our hiring and training practices, our choice of industry partnerships and our customer and community relationships. Nothing stands alone in this day and age, we are all existing within an ecosystem and our choices, even the tiniest ones we make, impact those around us.

Aurora Energy seeks to empower our customers through affordable energy choices. Through ethical expertise, we purposefully provide sustainable solutions with integrity, illuminating the potential for power independence and financial freedom for each and every one of our valued customers. The health of the environment is important for all of us, but the environment we cultivate in our homes, in our families and within our communities is even more critical for humanity. Without positively affecting the lives of our customers and empowering them to provide for and enrich their families and local businesses first, we cannot hope to impact our community or the environment at large. 

Join Aurora Energy in our mission to make “Life Sweeter with Solar” in our community by becoming a customer! 

Our Values

  • Empowered Choice – We lean in, listen, learn, and lead each customer toward their own informed, confident decision.


  • Thoughtful Analysis  – We shine a focused light through the data fog to accurately reveal what the best options and opportunities for the job are.


  • Future-Oriented – We propose adaptive, sustainable, long-term solutions for energy independence with an eye on freeing up customer capital for quality of life choices. 


  • Innovative – We ceaselessly pursue emerging technology and service oriented solutions. Status quo is a no-go. 


  • Collaborative Stewardship – We believe renewable, resource-generating energy choices simply make the most sense for the life of business. 


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