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In 2017, at-home recreation and home improvement market specialists Scott and Ali Reynolds met with solar industry experts to partner in pursuing a mutual dream to make solar energy accessible to more clients by providing helpful education, resources and customized solutions by partnering with multiple EPC’s (Engineering Procurement Contractor partners). After looking at the current state of solar sales in California, they knew there was a better way to bring the best solar options to consumers nationwide. That meeting birthed the beginnings of Aurora Energy—your best friend in your quest for sustainable, affordable, independent, clean power for your home or business.

The first step for Aurora Energy was to help consumers escape the trap of a single-provider model. Most solar solutions are sold by a single company who can only offer their equipment and their plans. However, there are hundreds of installers in California alone. Why not work with the best installers and offer incomparable, personalized options to each home and business owner? Together, the Reynolds combined their passionate knowledge of marketing, customer follow-up, website design and business-building with the expertise of industry partners  – benefitting from their unprecedented body of knowledge of the solar industry and the sales process. With decades of combined experience and exceptional leadership, Aurora Energy started on its’ journey to build the premier solar business in the nation—one step at a time.

Our company is family owned and woman run, which is unusual for a solar company. Our CEO Ali Reynolds is one of our co-founders and brings years of sales, customer service and marketing experience to the Solar industry. Her first priority  has always been tailoring our service offerings and customizing the entire educational and sales experience to the needs and conveniences of our customers and the way consumers research and shop in 2020. As a manager of people, driven entrepreneur and a mother of two – she is passionate about contributing to the positive bottom line of her company and employees, but also fiercely protective of maintaining the positive elements Aurora Energy allows us to bring into our customers lives – energy independence, cost-savings, reducing our environmental impact, and contributing to the wellbeing of our community at large. Our company motto is “Do Good.”


Three years into the business, Aurora Energy has a home office based on Main Street in Angels Camp, California and works with multiple sales consultants around the US to assist our clients virtually with an almost entirely phone based sales and presentation model.

“Many clients are interested in saving time and maintaining their privacy during the course of researching solar solutions for their home or business, we want to respect that privacy while providing the best possible level of customer service and custom tailored solutions for each client and their individual needs. We are able to present our solutions virtually using zoom meetings, phone calls and email communication to hone in on the answers to their questions and get the entire deal done over the phone and email for the majority of our customers.”

Although we love to network in our northern CA region and make an effort to reach out and support local Northern California businesses through strategic partnerships and referral relationships, we are busy on the phone every day assisting our clients all over the US with their solar solution proposals.



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