The Aurora Difference

With so many solar companies in America, it’s important to choose the superior solar solution for your specialized needs. Convert the energy from the sun into clean, sustainable power for your home or business. Experience the Aurora difference with your own fully-customized solar solution.


Switching to solar energy is easier than ever. Experience the freedom from ever-increasing electric bills by producing the energy your home or business needs.


With Aurora Energy, you’ll get unprecedented options that you won’t find anywhere else. From a selection of financing choices to the very best in product and installation offerings, Aurora Energy stands at the head of the pack.


To get the cost-effective energy solution that makes the most sense for your home or business you need powerful partners. Aurora Energy matches you with the ideal products, financing, contractors, installers and so much more. Nowhere else will you find a solar company who is as invested in the success of your solar project as we are.


Aurora Energy offers you confidence in knowing you have purchased the best solar solution available. Our installation back every installation with an unsurpassed warranty. You can rest easy knowing that your investment will pay you back for years to come.


Aurora Energy offers the best customer experience available. Our exceptional solar team goes above and beyond to give you the personal service and support you deserve. We provide excellence in product options, financing choices, and incomparable service, Aurora Energy is the best choice for your sustainable energy needs.


Solar energy is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is solar energy a smart financial investment, it is an investment in a cleaner, healthier environment for you and the ones you love.

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How to Finance Solar Panels
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