Meet the team

Scott & Ali Reynolds

Co-founder(s) & Vice President(s) of Marketing

Scott & Ali Reynolds have years of experience helping homeowners create a better future for their homes.  As co-founders of The Get Smart Group, an advertising agency specializing in At-Home Recreation and Home Improvement, they specialize in working with consumers and creating educational tools to assist in the sales process.  In 2017 the got together with Allen Whitehead and decided to create Aurora Energy to bring the best solar options to consumers nationwide.

After looking at the current state of solar sales in California, they knew there was a better way.  The first step was getting away from a single-provider model.  Most solar is sold by a single company who can only offer their equipment and their plans.  There are hundreds of installers in California, so why not work with the best and offer choices to a homeowner?  Today, we continue to build the best solar business in the country one step at a time.

Scott & Ali have two daughters, three dogs and a cat and reside in Angels Camp, CA.

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