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At Aurora Energy we take a consultative approach with every client we work with. Each property has different needs and there is no cookie cutter solution for solar if you want to get the system size, power storage and power outage offset needs right.

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 We work with you and drill down to the specifics to get you the system you need


Your Local Solar Company

We are an independently run solar company based in Angels Camp. We understand the unique solar energy needs of rural communities. We build lasting relationships and install quality systems.

Life is sweeter with Solar!

Solar is better for the environment, the bees, and for you! Save thousands of dollars every year and replace your energy bill with an investment in a clean energy alternative.


Not Your Cookie Cutter Solar Company

Most solar companies won’t take the time to ask questions, listen or evaluate your actual solar needs. We provide a consultative approach to solar service, and provide custom solutions for each home or commercial property that we improve with cost saving solar.

It’s a fact – there are a lot of bad actors in the Solar space. Our co-founders joined this industry to make a difference for the customers

Our Company Values


Our customers well being and specific needs come before profit. People matter more than money.


what you see is what you get - we don’t hide, lie, confuse or push our customers. We will always stand by our numbers and our agreements. No surprise costs. Ever.


we are in this industry to empower our customers. There is a true, life changing force in saving our customers thousands of dollars annually on their utility costs. It can be the difference between early retirement, an RV or fishing boat, a bucket list vacation or a college fund for your grandchildren. We are here to help change lives utilizing a FREE resource - the sun! It doesn’t get more fair than that.


we believe that we are all in this together. The earth, the animals, the people and the resources we all have to gain from and contribute to. We are here to help combine the best of these with thoughtful consideration, smart engineering and practical application for our customers - considering the needs of the entire community in balance. We believe that all life is precious and we want the honor of enriching yours.

Life is sweeter with Solar!

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